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18.12.2007 | 21:31 |

Auhinnya BAHINSKAYA, Minsk

ImageThis year a trip to the town of Svislach (Grodna region) was organized on the Dzyady (the day of the departed ancestry worshipping). Several people left Minsk by two busses in the morning on October 27 to worship the places in Svislach where two brothers Kastus and Victor Kalinousky studied. The buses were detained by militia for the first time in Dzyarzhynsk (Koidanava), and we were explained that our drivers have overrode the speed. We have been detained for 3 hours and lists of people in buses were made. For the second time we have been stopped near Baranavichy. And again we were brought to the militia office and kept for 3 hours, and the lists of our bus passengers were made. As a result the Minsk group failed to come to Svislach in time. If, for example, at the end of the 1980s on the Dzyady day the authorities rushed to the people being baton-charged and turning on the poison-gas, then now they are weaving a plot to make obstacles. This is a true moral harassment. And nothing has changed since our Republic of Belarus was formed. The Rebirth which started early in the 1990s is breathless. The national oppression of the Belarusian people is carried out on the same way as before. Everything light, wise, true given by God is suppressed. The Belarusian Orthodox church (pr. Leanid Akalovich), some Protestant Christian communities praying in Belarusian language are suppressed. The believers are punished ordered with administrative fines (the case of pastor Georgy Vyazousky, church Christian covenant), they are fined for praying without authoritative allowance. The Belarusian-spirited islets are destroyed. The Writers House is taken away. The European Humanitarian University (EHU) is expelled to Vilnya. The Uladzimir Kolas lyceum is persecuted. In the country one can hardly find an independent mass media. The authorities destroy the historical buildings. They take very little care of our architectural monuments preservation and restoration. They erect hockey palaces, build the onion cupola churches in pseudo-Russian style just like it was under Muraviev-hanger, turning us little by little into the North-Western Region (Severo-Zapadny Kray).

The state terror machine has been kept up till now. There are organized special detachments of unknown purpose being out of control of the local authorities, people are disappearing, the youth is thrown into prison on false charges. Nasta Azarka, Enira Branitskaya, Zmitser Dashkevich and others. Pavel Sevyarynets was set free from Malae Sitna and was again delivered to the militia office. The authorities going mad armed itself with punishing psychiatry, being under way under the Soviets, and now the youth is being pulled to the mental houses: Krystsina Shatsikava, Zmitser Zhaleznichenka, Andrey Tsyanyuta.

It looks like that with Lukashenka coming to power the process of the totalitarian social fascism restoration began. This is a state in which those layers of population are prosperous which serve the regime and the authorities. All the rest physicians, teachers, cultural workers, working people, farmers are beggary with their miserable wages and pensions.

And what more, our power is boorish. Like a bull dashing to a red cloth it reacts to our historical white-red-white flag, has prohibited the Pahonya emblem. The officials-servitors dont speak the Belarusian language, and this is a linguacide.

The way we go led by the power will not bring us to the temple. This is a way to non-existence. We have no future with this power. It will bring us back to times of the communist Leninist-Stalinist party. There are everywhere in the country Lenin monuments erected to this first communofascist of the 20th century, who called upon his brothers-in-arms to shoot and shoot and to have no compassion for the victims. Lenin was the first to organize concentration camps, after that his cause was continued by Stalin.

The bolsheviks, communists suffused the land with blood and their names are perpetuated in the streets and towns (Dzyarzhynsk) names up till now. The Lukashenkas regime considers the day of the bolshevist overturn in Saint-Petersburg on November 7, 1917 as a holiday. This year the Moscow Bolsheviks-communists, eternal enemies of everything that is Belarusian were invited to the celebration. It is just the same thing as if in Germany somebody celebrated the day of the nazi-fascists coming to power in 1933. The power started to restore the Stalin monuments, there are two of them already. One on the so-called Stalin line, the other in the town of Svislach (Grodno region). The Stalin line near Zaslaue is pompous and pseudo-patriotically arranged. Its exposition is installed at the Exhibition of national economics (Yanka Kupaka street). The excursions for schoolchildren and students are being organized there. And what is this line in fact? First, this line is not something peculiar, it is just a usual defensive construction. Second, at the beginning of the War there hasnt been made a shot: the Red Army dislocating before the War at this bulwark hastily moved away to the East. Third, certain displays are ordinary plaster casts, and helmets are German trophies at all. The Hitler Stalin pact is an evidence of the Hitler Germany and Stalin USSR alliance. When Germany attacked in 1941 the USSR, the Red Army was not able to defend Belarus, it retreated. On the fourth day of the war German tanks were going along the Miensk streets.

So what are the military proud about? The people defended themselves, organizing the underground and guerilla movement but also for all that they were to defend themselves not only from Hitlerites but also from Moscovite guerillas NKVDists who were thrown by planes to Belarus to struggle against the Belarusian intelligentsia as well.


A verse by Syarhei Hrakhousky

(There were so many victims, millions, so it was impossible to count them all, and this century, broken and furious, is impossible to be cured.

The eye-sockets of Kurapaty are looking uneasily, as if the executioners continue to pursue us)


The best nationally conscious, educated people should take the responsibility for what is going on.

Stop bearing them spitting to our face. We should organize the mass movement (to collect the signatures) against the erecting monuments to communist Stalin dictatorship; we should favor these monuments taken down from our streets and squares. We should ask the international community for a help. We should initiate the referendum on the vote of censure to the power.

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