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28.05.2008 | 14:08 |
 APPEAL  to the citizens of Belarus

Image Dear friends,  Last year our country commemorated the sorrowful day in our history – the 70th anniversary since the peak of the mass repressions in the USSR has taken place. For that purpose the public community of Belarus has formed the Organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the unprecedented Stalinist repressions victims. The famous Belarusian writers, scientists, public men forming part of the Organizing committee made every effort to reveal and  perpetuate the places of the Belarusian citizens mass killings during the period of Stalinist necrosadism. This was the aim of their travel to Homel, Barysau, Vileika, Cherven, Slutsk, Staryia Darohi. Not once they had to renew the memorable signs at the memorial complex “Kurapaty” which were being broken by the vandals with the powers being indulgent. This work continues up to present.

We tried to get the governmental bodies to take part in the Memorial Year events. Yet their response to Organizing committee  suggestions was sometimes dead silence and sometimes repressions and prosecution of the public activists participating in these events. Lately these violent acts of the regime are becoming every time more and more brute, thus manifesting its anti-popular character and intolerable range.

On April 19 of this year  the community of Minsk with the residents of the village Drazhna, Staryia Darohi district participating erected the Cross at the Drazhna graveyard periphery to commemorate the victims of the partizans’ punitive force when they following some strange and cruel logic have “confused” the police and civil residents and punished the whole village. Armed with rifles and knives, the spoilers attacked the women and children. They killed the young teacher who was accused of the teaching the children to read and write that being prohibited by the Soviets at that time, the whole families were driven into the houses and burned down alive. This tragedy happened 65 years ago in April 1943. The Cross was erected to commemorate these Drazhna martyrs.

And on April 22 this memorable sign was destroyed at the authorities order. One of the participants of this commemorative event, a well-known public man Vyachaslau Siuchyk was detained in Minsk, taken to Staryia Darohi and sentenced for 15 days of arrest.

It looks like the funeral rite at the massacre place is considered by the authorities to be a meeting and the flowers laying on graves – a crime. A conscientious human being can’t fail to be shocked.

On May 15 the writer Victor Khursik who depicted in his book “The blood and ashes of Drazhna” the tragic actions of war time in Drazhna and was present at the Cross erection event on April 19 was also arrested for 15 days.

The public activists are judged regularly and the sentences are not based on any evidences. The barrister’s proofs are not taken into consideration. It can be confirmed by the cases of the prosecuted youth activist Andrei Kim and one of the businessmen leader Syarhei Parsyukevich. There can be observed a certain analogy with the drastic year of 1937, that the authorities don’t mean to hide.

At the very beginning of this year the community faced a new challenge. The higher authorities made a political, as was stressed, decision of the nuclear power station construction in Belarus disregarding any independent examination, legal and political, if taking it fairly, grounding. The Orhus convention determining that it is the people who are to make decision of the nuclear power station building signed by our state is violated. And meanwhile the leader of the country said that everybody opposing the  nuclear power station building in Belarus would be considered as the enemy of the nation. And as for the “enemies” everybody knows how they are treated  by the Stalinist successors in Belarus. Isn’t a new wave of repressions, arrests and imprisonments of those opposing expected?

It is a common knowledge, for example, that enemies were easily found among the residents of the Druzhny settlement, Pukhovichy district who don’t want to have a chemical weed-killers plant near their dwellings. Their protest was answered by the repressions,  prosecution and intimidation.

According to the leader of the country statements, everybody who is going to stand up for the architectural heritage and environmental and cultural wealth which are threatened to be destroyed, is to be treated like this. Suffice it to mention the fresh ruins of the Nesvizh castle so-called restoration and the way of new roads building in the national park “Belavezhskaya pushcha”.

We hope that the people of Belarus will come to know and understand who is responsible for the new “enemies” of the people being procreated, what for it is done, and will take into account the next burst of repressions in Belarus being a cynical and impossible for a European country attack on the civic community. The Belarusian regime violates all the international human rights conventions, the country joined to in best times. Seeking after the blind submission the present regime methodically and sequentially destroys the morals, Christian traditions, national education system, Belarusian language and culture.

We hope that taking into account all those things the world won’t stay indifferent.

Some time in the Soviet Union the enslaved and blunted with the “light future” people being left alone with the bloody dictator, paid a terrible price for that. The same was true for Europe, yet a bit later. We’d like to think that lessons of the recent times are not forgotten by the European community.  

Yauhen Anishchanka, a historian.
Radzim Haretsky, academician of the NAS of Belarus.
Valery Dranchuk, a publicist, ecologist.
Syarhei Zakonnikau,a poet, Yanka Kupala Belarusian State prize winner.
Georgy Lepin, Doctor of technical sciences.
Leanid Lych, Doctor of historical sciences.
Ivan Nikitchanka,a corresponding member of the NAS of Belarus, Charnobyl nuclear power station  accident  effects liquidator.
Yahor Fedyushyn, nuclear physicist.
Uladzimir Khalip, a script writer.
Vasil Yakavenka, a writer, an International F.Nansen literary prize winner.
« Папяр.   Наст. »


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