A verdict Its your turn to speak, lawyers!
05.01.2008 | 21:12 |

SlideshowOpen, clear, inspired and attractive faces of young people. What can one see in their souls?.. I wonder if anybody of those militiamen detaining them, anybody of those investigators interrogating them and anybody of those judges accusing them of some criminal offence tried to understand: what is there in the young fellow countrymens souls?

Is their speaking mother tongue and gathering in small groups to discuss if everything is OK in our pompous country malevolent and unconstitutional?

O, my Lord, if these ruler servants a militiaman, an investigator, a judge, a prosecutor together with their children could understand the lofty and noble intentions of those young people, they would surely be among them. But what for?

For to form the community of trust and new human ideals. And the goal!.. Jurists, please, try to clarify why such attempt is considered as criminal?!

Look deep into the youths eyes.

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