How to find spirituality and harmony in the society
11.04.2016 | 13:45 |

How to find spirituality and harmony in the society

To: Secretary-General UNITED NATIONS
Mr. Ban Ki-moon

President of the European Council
Mr. Dnld usk

Secretary-General of the Council of Europe
Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland

UNESCO Director-General
Mrs. Irina Bokova 

Heads of Diplomatic missions in the Republic of Belarus;

to those creating policy


Minsk, April 11, 2016

Re: Booklet 

Dear leaders of international organizations, diplomats, politicians,
representatives of power structures,

I would like to offer you a booklet "How to find spirituality and harmony in the society" on the most topical issues of government and international relations, identities and cultural expressions of the peoples, the conditions for their development and prosperity. The topic may seem strange in today's Europe, swept over by the  infidels, foreigners and all kinds of terrorist elements. This is just the reason I'm appealing to you. My warning letter drawn up together with the writers and academics and targeted sent in 2012, was ignored by the leadership of the EU and the Council of Europe. Isn't it the reason of the degradation,  destruction and collapse of the European civilization continuing intensively?

Along with human rights around the globe, especially in Europe, the so-called European standards should raise, establish and strictly observe and protect the rights of nations to self-preservation and further development  in every way that is trampled in the modern political world.

Nations as natural sociocultural and political communities with common psycho-physical characteristics are organized in the like way as, say, the swarm of bees. Today there have been created conditions for a separate bee to fly into anothers' beehive and, without any  adapting efforts, to set the things "right", eat the honey without giving anything instead, destroy the set family order; and this is called the "human rights".

But the human rights, the rights of an individual person should not contradict the rights of the nations as developed cultural communities. But in the meantime, it is not so. And it's the biggest flaw in the long-term activities of the UN and the European Union, I would say.

Brochure "How to find spirituality and harmony in the society" was translated from Belarusian into English and partially Russian.

Yours faithfully,

writer Vasil Yakavenka,
coordinator of the international initiative
"Institute of national memory"

YAKAVENKA Vasil Tsimafeevich,
e-mail -. Java-script
+375 29 304 40 64