Institute of the National Memory. Organizing committee press release
08.03.2008 | 00:41 |
  Memory of the people is a prerequisite for its development as a civil community and for its playing the role of the power and statehood source.

The Institute of the National Memory (INM) is a civil initiative to find and reveal the most remarkable episodes of Belarusian history as well as to prosecute the crimes against its own people whenever they were committed.

To have a success in its goals achievement the INM Organizing committee intends to unite the efforts of the national forces aimed at the culture, language and historical heritage rebirth, to consolidate the existent social organizations on the ground of national interests respect. It intends to colligate the experience of the scientists, historians, archeologists, architectures, lawyers, students of lore, linguists, philosophers, creative workers, writers, artists, composers, public figures, all the citizens who are not indifferent to the history and life of their own people.

The Organizing committee intends to establish the institution for to gather the evidences, to keep, to develop, to investigate and make public the materials related to different political organizations, some public figures life and work on the territory of Belarus, their influence on culture, fate of the Belarusian state and people.

The Organizing committee is to investigate the Belarusian statehood political, economic and social models to define the destructive elements and systems and to draw the attention of the authorities and public community to them. On a legal basis the INM Organizing committee will put forward proposals to the governmental bodies for to create the necessary conditions for the Belarusian statehood development. Much importance will be attached to return home the documentary heritage.

The INM Organizing committee is a successor of the Institute of Belarusian culture (Inbelcult) (1922 1929), F.Skaryna Scientific and educative center (1991 2002) and of the Organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the Stalinist repressions victims having worked during the Memory Year (2007). At the final meeting on January 9, 2008 this Organizing committee decided to reorganize its structure for the Organizing committee of the public association Institute of the National Memory (OCPA INM) followed by the appropriate enlargement of its personnel, problems considered and functions. After certain preparation and further development of the program items the PA INM may possibly get the state registration and support.

The OCPA INM includes the following problems it will deal with:

  • Investigation and promulgation of losses and damage done to the Belarusian people, their gene pool, culture, architecture, language through the criminal mischief of different occupational regimes and powers.
  • Consideration of the armed conflicts, battle scenes, violent acts and upheavals taken place in the Belarusian land, those being wars, uprisings, resistance, with their following coverage in the press.
  • Taking care of the villages destroyed due to the different social processes and cataclysms in the country commemoration.
  • Keeping the national memory embodied in the linguistic treasures toponyms, local dialects, sir-names, names, nicknames, etc.
  • Propaganda of the national culture and patriotic traditions of the people, best works f the Belarusian literature and arts, architecture, as well as of the Belarusian language as the best example of the national creative activity.
  • Taking care of the wider and improved system of the Belarusian language education at the secondary and other educational institutions of the country.
  • Foundation of the cultural and educative publishing series Library of the Institute of the National Memory members.
  • Preparation and publication of the encyclopedic edition about the prominents persons, the Belarusians by origin, who worked for the sake of science, culture and arts in different times and places of the world.
  • Social activities aimed at the Belarusian state independence consolidation, freedom and human dignity protection.
  • Persecution of the crimes against peace and humanity, support of other peoples and national minorities representatives.
  • Encouraging the Belarusian citizens repressed by the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes in their asserting the right for rehabilitation, material and moral compensation.
  • The Organizing committee of the INM, exercising its right for the public historic education and knowledge is going to keep track of the deliberate subjective and false information published in mass media aimed to substitute the peoples historical memory by the politicized stock phrases, obsolete dogmas of the past times.

Everything what is veiled some time or other becomes unveiled. The damage done to the people cant remain secret.

We call the Belarusian citizens upon the cooperation with the Organizing committee of the public association Institute of the National Memory!